10 Most Aesthetic Plants Picks: Beautify with Nature

A lot of effort is put into making our homes feel comfortable. After all, it is where our days begin and end. While the perfect combination of textile, furniture and decor can give a room a light or heavy feel, adding a touch of green in the form of live plants not only adds life (literally) in a room, it actually helps provide relaxation by letting not just the room, but its inhabitants, breathe. Welcome to the world of aesthetic plants!

As a plant-loving family, we understand the positive effect live plants have in our home. We also know that these unique indoor plants come in all shapes, sizes and with differing characteristics. So if you’re looking to spruce up your living space and add a touch of nature that won’t take over, we’ve compiled a list to help you find the ideal aesthetic plants for your home – from potted to vibrant hanging varieties, and large statement pieces or small succulents.

So let’s get started and explore the many pretty and easy care options available! 

Summary of Aesthetic Plants

SizeExposureCarePet SafeGood For
Money TreeSmall or mediumBright indirectLow maintenanceYesTables and Countertops
Fiddle Leaf FigLargeBright indirectCan be challenging for new plant parentsNoFloor corners
Snake PlantSmall or medium,  depending on speciesBright indirect, but can tolerate low to medium lightEasy to care for, recommended for newbiesNoDwarf Varieties can go in tables and countertops, bigger varieties can go in floor corners
ZZ PlantMediumBright indirect to mediumLow maintenanceNoIf still juvenile, can go with tables or countertops, can go on floor corners or landscape when mature
Peace LilyMediumBright indirect Low maintenanceHas irritants that can bother petsFloor corners
White Bird of ParadiseLargeBright indirect to mediumLow maintenanceNoFloor corners
Dumb CaneMedium to largeBright indirect to mediumLow maintenanceNoFloor corners or as part of landscape
Stonecrop Little MissySmallDirect to bright indirectLow maintenanceYesWindows or shelves
String of PearlsSmallBright indirectCan be challenging for new plant parentsYesWindows, shelves, or tables if vine is still short.

Potted Aesthetic Plants

From ferns to palms, potted plants are a great way to bring a bit of nature indoors. Whether you’re looking for something that requires low maintenance or a more lush and vibrant aesthetic, there are plenty of options available to suit any interior design or level of upkeep.

More popularly known for its braided trunk (this is not natural, of course), the money tree is a mid-sized plant that is common in a lot of homes as it is believed to call in financial luck. The leaves and the uniquely-braided trunk of the money plant can work as an interesting piece to table and counter tops (as a bonsai), and when a little taller, can fill in corners of the home. Money plants thrives in humid conditions and in bright indirect light, and water it when the top 2-4 inches of its soil already feels dry.

Want the feel of having a mini tree in your room? The big leaves of this fiddle leaf fig can do the trick for you. This rainforest beauty, when placed in a light colored pot to emphasize its dark leaves, works well in corners and can be used as an accent to living rooms by either the sofa side or by the bookcases. Place the ficus lyrata in a bright corner away from direct sunlight (we don’t want to scorch its leaves), and water it when 2-3 inches of its soil already feels dry. Do not move it around too much as fiddle leaf figs can be fuzzy when it’s constantly moved around.

If you want a bit of green in your very structured office or room, but do not trust yourself well enough to be able to care for a plant, purchasing a snake plant is a good place to start. This sturdy plant will work its charm in any corner of the home. Use the dwarf varieties to adorn side tables and desks and the middle sized ones for your corners and corridors. Showcase its humble green and yellow variegation with a brightly colored or unique pot. Caring for the plant is easy, it thrives even with the most neglectful owners, but it grows best when in bright, indirect light and watered every week or two.

Another plant that can withstand not-so-friendly conditions and plant owners is the ZZ plant, which makes it a great choice for those who want to give their homes a feel of nature. The unique patterns of the leaves of this plant allow it to give interest to tables and shelves, especially when placed in a light colored pot in contrast to its dark color. The ZZ plant is a slow grower, and it usually takes years before it reaches its maximum height at 2-3 meters. Water every two to three weeks and though it can survive low light conditions, it will be at its best in bright indirect light.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Also known to be particularly hardy and for its air purifying benefits, peace lilies are a staple for apartments or condominiums who occasionally have less access to natural light. Place them near the window or on corners for that touch of green. Give your peace lily a thorough drink every week or so, for it can let you know that it is thirsty as its leaves will droop. Given the best conditions, the peace lily has blooms: its distinct white flower is something to look forward to!

White Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Nicolai)

The tall, showy leaves of the white bird of paradise would certainly leave any room it is placed in in a tropical look and vibe. Placed in a contrast-colored pot, use it to fill in space in corners, but keep it away from draft and air vents, and make sure the corner it gets placed gets plenty of light for it to keep looking its best, although it can survive medium light conditions. Water when the 2-3 inches of its soil feel dry.

The dumb cane’s brightly colored leaves can sure give any room the pop of color it requires while still providing that natural feel. The showy yellow and green colors of its leaves bring energy and vibrancy and are ideal to fill the blank spaces or plain walls. The dumb cane plant can grow big and act as a landscaping aesthetic. Though it can tolerate low light, it will thrive best in bright, indirect light. Water only when the top 2 inches of the soil are dry. Keep caution when you have kids or pets at home as the plant is toxic to them.

Hanging Aesthetic Plants

Bring character and style into your home with hanging foliage! Create these elegant, carefree pieces of decor to add that extra bit of greenery and life into any room. All you need is a pot, hanger and plant–it’s as simple as that!

However, remember to keep indoor plants away from direct sunlight in order to protect them from wilting. And if you want your hanging plant looking healthy, just mist it lightly every now and then and make sure not to place it near heat sources.

For that bushy vine look which is perfect in accenting windows, corners and shelves, the fast growing Little Missy is one creeper that can work for those who might be a little heavy-handed on their plants. This plant can tolerate drought and direct sun, so you may water it sparingly but thoroughly. Occasional pruning of overgrowth is needed if you like to keep it looking tidy.

Give windows or shelves a unique draping with the interesting variegations and pearl-shaped beads of this little succulent-like viner. When allowed to grow very long, the string of pearls can provide that needed accent for your window especially when placed in a cute hanging pot. To care for it, just treat it like how you would with any succulent: water every two weeks, and keep it away from direct sunlight. To make sure it is getting enough light, just check the leaves. The color becomes paler when it gets insufficient light.

Picking the right plants to decorate your home can be a challenge, and with this bundle from Costa Farms, you can get the opportunity to have your starter set of plants that not just put a patch of green in your dwelling, but help make it healthier too. The set usually includes hardy plants that can endure a little bit of tough love from their prospective plant parents.

Wrap Up

Aesthetic plants are the perfect way to bring a bit of nature indoors and enhance any living space; no matter your preference. Whether it be for petite potted plants or hanging foliage options, you’ll find something that fits in perfectly with your desired aesthetic. From Peace Lilies providing lush greenery to String of Hearts offering a unique draping look, these beauty-filled pieces can bring life and vibrancy into any room they inhabit! With proper care and attention given over time, an these plants are sure to add charming character (and fresh air) to your home for years on end.

Happy gardening and keep that ‘green’ on your face!