Ease Your Aches and Pains: 11 Best Essential Oil for Pain Relief

Best Essential oil for pain

Tired of dealing with aches and pains? Discover the best essential oil for pain relief and ease your discomfort quickly and naturally. Whether you have sore muscles from physical exertion, a stiff neck from sitting in one position for too long, or chronic pain from an underlying health condition, the perfect essential oil can provide you with the comfort and relief you need.

As someone who has suffered from back pain for years (L1R5 slipped. Sounds painfully familiar anyone?), I understand the desperation to find relief. That’s why I was so excited to learn about essential oils and how they can help soothe naturally. After researching different options and experimenting with various products, I’ve discovered which essential oils are best for pain sufferers and how to use them effectively.

In this post, we’ll examine the best options available and how they work so you can achieve longer-lasting comfort without relying on heavy medications. Keep reading to discover the might of essential oils for alleviating sores and aches!

11 Best Essential Oils For Pain

Different essential oils have different pain relieving properties such as warming, cooling, anti-inflammatory and analgesic functions. Depending on your type of pain, you can choose the most appropriate oil to target your discomfort.

Best Cooling Oils

Cooling oils give a numbing feeling when applied to the skin, which is effective in easing muscle spasms and soreness. The invigorating sensation also helps in decreasing swelling.

When cooling oils come to mind, one of the go-tos of most people is peppermint. The minty scent of peppermint essential oil is not just good for soothing muscle pain, it is also very useful in sinus congestion relief. Peppermint also works as a natural bug repellant, too! Add a few drops with of this peppermint essential oil from NaturoBliss with your preferred carrier oil and use it as a massage oil for that aching back.


  • Multifunctional use and easy to blend
  • Easy to apply/dispense


  • Mixed reviews on the strength of the scent


  • “Does the job well. I use peppermint oil as an air freshener, a nasal decongestant, a bug repellent, and an acne remedy. It’s a good all-rounder to make sure you have in the house.” Jessica

Known as the ‘Gentler Mint Oil’, spearmint is milder than peppermint and is more suitable for those with sensitive skin such as children and older adults. At the same time, spearmint contains the same versatile benefits and anti-inflammatory benefits of peppermint and can help with muscle pain.


  • Versatile use
  • Great scent


  • Mixed reviews on packaging


  • “I personally am obsessed with minty scents. For the longest time I was using peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils. I decided to buy majestic pure spearmint essential oil and I am so happy I did!!! It definitely smells different than peppermint. It is less “sweet” and more “Minty ”. I really like it. It helps relieve my headaches, pain relief and helps my asthma. I also feel energized from minty oils so using them is part of my morning routine.”, Amy Martinson
  • “This has a fabulous spearmint scent. The oil is clear and pure and does not “goop” up my diffuser. I recommend it and will order again.” Amazon Customer

Suffering from menstrual cramps? Rosemary oil can help alleviate cramping during that time of the month. The versatile rosemary oil from Handcraft is also tried and tested to help with hair and scalp problems. Use it with your diffuser for its aromatherapy benefits or pair with your preferred carrier oil to apply topically.


  • Safe for use on the face.
  • Eco-friendly option
  • Good scent


  • Mixed reviews on the packaging
  • Some reviews have concerns on the durability of the glass dropper


  • “It’s very strong and concentrated, mix it with coconut oil to apply on scalp, heard it promotes good hair growth.”, Ahmed
  • “It’s alright, not sure that it smells 100% accurate to what rosemary should smell like, but it’s usable at the very least.”, Eli Reed

Best Warming Oils

Warming oils provide a balmy soothing sensation when applied to the skin, like a heat compress. This heated sensation helps to improve circulation of blood in the affected area, which can aid in reducing pressure.

Commonly seen in the kitchen, ginger helps in easing muscle pain caused by swelling with its anti-inflammatory properties. Customers who have purchased this ginger oil from Gya Labs reported great reviews when using this oil to help with their swelling and pain complaints. Apply ginger essential oil with your preferred carrier oil to reap maximum benefits.


  • Good reviews on easing swelling
  • Can be used to help with belly fat


  • Mixed reviews on the scent


  • “After reading some articles regarding using Ginger oil for leg swelling (edema), I decided to order some and give it a try. I’ve had the oil for 3 days and have used it on the swelling on my feet, ankles and legs. I have not, to date, seen an improvement in the swelling. It has helped with some of the pain.” Amazon Customer

Exhausted from the day that your back is killing you? Try applying this organic black pepper essential oil from Cliganic along with your preferred carrier oil for that warm and relaxing relief. Black pepper helps to relax stiff muscles or muscles that suffer from chronic inflammation.


  • Good reviews on the scent
  • Can be used with other oils
  • Certified organic
  • Non-GMO verified


  • Use with caution around eye area as it can sting


  • “I  love the smell. Did not think I would but I do.” Candace Stillman
  • “Nice organic essence of black pepper, very spicy and warming. always use it with a carrier oil on your skin, and please wash hands before touching eyes! This is good for bringing circulation into injured or sore areas. I massaged this on my ankle which I sprained a month ago. It’s helping with mobility and pain relief. I mix it with almond oil and massage for a few mins until I feel warmth! It’s good to diffuse with peppermint.” Eliza

Best Anti-Inflammatory Oils

Sore, inflamed muscles are sure to bring pain, adding hassle in performing day-to-day tasks. When applied, the calming properties of these oils can help lessen the muscle tension and relief the pain.

Lavender essential oil is best known for its multiple purposes. With its anti-inflammatory properties, lavender helps soothe painful muscles, allowing you to relax as well. Lavendar can also aid in sleep, too. Pour a few drops in your diffuser to relax in the scent of flowers, or with your preferred carrier oil for topical application. 


  • Best used for aromatherapy
  • Can be mixed with other oils


  • Mixed reviews on the scent


  • “I decided to give this a try because of the price and reviews. You can not tell the difference. Absolutely wonderful lavender scent. It is not overpowering. I would definitely buy this brand again!”, Amazon Customer
  • “…this is a great quality product. You can really tell the quality of an oil when you diffuse it based on the thickness of the mist. Cheaper oils will not be as strong when diffused and often are more translucent. This product, when diffused, was a thick white mist, which is exactly what you want! Also this is great to use topically.” Janessa

Frankincense essential oil is not only good for the skin, the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil help ease muscle soreness and reduce pain. Such are the comments on the reviews of this frankincense oil from Majestic Pure. To reap the best pain relief for your sore muscles, apply topically in the affected area.


  • Affordable
  • Reviews say that it truly helps with pain


  • Mixed reviews on the scent
  • Use with caution if you are taking blood thinners


  • ”I’m using this nightly, just a few drops mixed with emu oil to massage my feet before bed. Since I started this routine, I’ve slept better than usual. I bought it initially for its immunity properties, hoping to stay healthy in this flu season. So far so good. My better sleep is a bonus.” Sandra
  • “The frankincense essential oil relieves pain by reducing inflammation. The scent is very strong initially when applied but fades after massaging into skin. As a first time user, I was skeptical, but it does lessen the pain. Satisfied with this product.” D. Brown

The anti-inflammatory properties of copaiba essential oil is not just used to help manage the appearance of scars. UpNature’s copaiba oil reviews mention that this oil greatly helps its users who try the oil out in order to help them deal with pain associated with inflammation. Apply topically to the affected area to help reduce swelling and for pain relief.


  • Great for scars, relieves pain
  • More affordable than other brands


  • Mixed reviews on the packaging


  • “This Copaiba oil greatly reduced the inflammation on my right knee. My knee had been hurting me off and on but started to get worse a couple of months ago. I don’t want to take OTC pain relievers so I ordered the Copaiba oil and added 18-21 drops to some lotion and massaged it onto my right knee- I felt relief almost immediately. It was truly a godsend; I hope it works to relieve pain and inflammation for everyone that uses it. I’m very grateful I found this oil.” Elvira M.

Best Analgesic Oils

Oils with analgesic effects help with muscle pain by dealing with the main problem: lessening the pain itself. When inhaled or applied topically, these oils can act as natural painkillers that provide numbing relief and reduce inflammation for greater mobility in the affected area.

This zesty herb may be known for adorning homes with its clean scent, but lemongrass oil has analgesic properties which can help alleviate pain. Mix this lemongrass oil from Handcraft with your other essential oils to help with back pain or just drop a couple in your diffuser and enjoy the fresh, clean scent. It doubles as a natural bug repellent too!


  • Multi functional uses
  • Can be mixed with other oils
  • Bottled in USA


  • Mixed reviews on scent
  • Mixed reviews on the durability of the glass dropper


  • “I love this lemongrass essential oil! Compared to other brands I’ve tried that smelled nothing like lemongrass, this product smelled amazing. I’ve used it in my diffuser and receiving many compliments on the fresh scent in my house. Besides that, I’ve also been incorporated into my skin care routine. I can’t recommend this oil enough!” Janel Fletcher
  • “I was in doubt at first to buy this as I’ve tried many product but due to positive review I decided to try. And it was great, Lemon grass is my favorite scent. I felt like im in Thailand spa:-)Just a few drops and so far it covered all my place! Ill definitely buy again!” Jane

Eucalyptus essential oils has multiple uses apart from helping with sinus congestion relief. This oil provides sore muscles with that cool, numbing relief which feels like a massage in itself when applied topically. Use this oil from Majestic Pure by itself or combine with your favorite essential oil blend for that needed relief after a long working day.


  • Works best for steaming and topical application
  • Mixable with other oils


  • The scent is not as strong when used in a diffuser.


  • “First time purchasing eucalyptus oil, so this may be what the extract usually smells like. I found this oil was missing some of the minor notes though. However, I do find that it soothes sore muscles. I mix it with vaseline to make a balm.” Amazon Customer

Baffled by the amount of options? Majestic Pure has crafted their Deep Relief Essential Oil blend to ease your headache of choices. This special blend of 11 essential oils; such as peppermint, eucalyptus, frankincense and rosemary essential oils, all have proven analgesic properties that can help provide relief from aches and pains. Not only does this ready made concoction offer effective pain alleviation, it also smells wonderful!


  • Lemon, Orange, Turmeric, Eucalyptus, Lavandin Gurjum, Peppermint, Arvensis, Frakincense, Rosemary, Laurel Leaf, Ylang Ylang


  • Blended with essential oils that targets pain relief
  • Comes in a ready-to-use format


  • Mixed reviews on the scent


  • “Good quality oil, but wished the plug inside the bottle wasn’t so long so you could use more of the oil for a longer period of time.” Mal
  • “So far so good!! Used to make a moisturizing body butter to get my skin glowing throughout the winter months” Amazon Customer

Buying Guide

Whether it is from an injury or sitting for long periods, pain from sore muscles or a stiff back can be a great hassle and can truly hinder one’s mobility and performance to do everyday tasks. Here are ways you can use essential oils to soothe the discomfort.

Topical Application

The most common and effective way to use essential oils in dealing with back pain is to apply it directly to the affected area. Mix it with your preferred carrier oil and massage it in the affected area. Always remember to perform a skin test before applying oils topically. Continue to do this until the swelling or pain subsides.

Pro tip: Mix your favorite essential oils into a roll on for instant access anywhere anytime!


Another way to use essential oils for your back pain is by inhalation. Either by dabbing some oil in a cotton ball and inhaling it as you work or by adding a couple of drops in your diffuser, you may bask in the relaxing benefits of your chosen essential oil. You can also use it as prevention too. If you do yoga, try diffusing your preferred oil in your session room while you are at it, as stretching can also help relax stiffened muscles as well.

Oil-infused Bath

A relaxing way to go about dealing not just back pain, but overall aches and pains is to bask in an oil-infused bath. With warm bathwater, add a couple of drops of the oil in running water and dip in to soothe those muscles.


  • When the affected area remains painful or if it worsens, see a medical professional or a chiropractor, especially if the pain is from a previous injury.
  • Despite being labeled as “natural”, essential oils are not always regarded as safe. Before utilizing an alternative method to manage your pain, it is imperative that you seek advice from a medical professional first.
  • Pregnant and nursing women are especially advised not to use essential oils without the medical advice of a physician, and the oil should always be stored in an area that children, particularly those under the age of seven, cannot access.
  • Bear in mind that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not control any essential oils; so use these products cautiously!


What essential oils are good for back pain?

Essential oils can be used as an alternative method to help manage your back pain. The essential oils  most commonly used for back pain are peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus and copaiba. However, if the affected area remains painful or worsens then it is important to seek advice from a medical professional before taking further action.

What essential oil is good for inflammation and pain?

A popular essential oil to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and promote healing of the skin is lavender essential oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe the area and reduce swelling. Blend it with a carrier oil and use it topically or in a roll on.

Wrap Up

Essential oils can be a great way to help you manage your pain, but it is important to consult with a medical professional if the area remains painful or worsens. Remember to always do a skin test before applying oils topically and use caution when utilizing any essential oil as the FDA does not regulate them. Additionally, consider adding other methods like aromatherapy and massage therapy to your routine to help improve overall well-being.

Through this guide, we hope you were able to gain some valuable insights on how essential oils can help in alleviating back pain. With patience and consistency, you should be well on your way towards finding relief from the aches soon. Wishing you all the best!