Reimagine Your Home: 11 Stunning Reclaimed Wood Wall Ideas

reclaimed wood wall ideas

Give your cold, bare concrete living space a touch of warmth and life with these reclaimed wood wall ideas!

With the many ways we can turn our rooms into Instagram-mable pieces of art, we feature a timeless and sure-fire way to add interest and contrast to any room: reclaimed wood. The unique patina of each slab tells a story; reclaimed wood is a sustainable way of using wood as it is gathered from demolished old buildings, structures or furniture and is repurposed in the form of planks.

Read on for how you can incorporate reclaimed wood and make it work for the room of your choice. We also share considerations when planning to use wood wall panels for home decoration. 

Accent wall

Credit: Real Stone Systems

Like artwork, lead your visitors’ eyes to the center of the room’s theme: an accent wall made of reclaimed wood can give that rustic, warm look to an otherwise bare concrete feel. This works well with living rooms or receiving areas. Combine with other décor that matches the tone of your reclaimed wood wall.

Headboard centerpiece

Credit: Stikwood

Make your bed the centerpiece of your bedroom by using carefully designed reclaimed wood planks to act as your headboard. With matching paint (and why not matching linen, too) bedrooms can sure look comfy and warmer, cabin-style.

Stones and tiles

Credit: House of Tiles

Reclaimed wood, even with its varying hues, can still look dull and monotonous at times. Change things up and give it a different texture by layering with stones and tiles to kill that monotony and give your room that warm tavern-like appeal.

Whitewash wood wall

Credit: Wayfair

While variation is a friend most of the time, there are times the natural color of reclaimed wood would not go with the theme you are looking for. Or perhaps the wood has blemishes you wish to hide. In times like this, whitewashing it or painting over it can help blend it in, or hide bad spots altogether. There are also stick and peel vinyl wood options that come in various shades and textures.

DIY pallet walls

Credit: Shades of Blue Interiors

While purchasing reclaimed wood is the safer option, you can also repurpose your own (if you have the means) planks for your wall. Whether it is from old furniture, or from pallets that you can purchase at a cheaper price, what you can achieve from this is a unique-looking wood panel that you can tone or paint at your discretion. Handle with care, especially during assembly.

Geometric patterns

Credit: Etsy

Reclaimed wood comes in planks, and thus, you can create patterns with it not only to give interest to the wall, but to help the room visually. Place wood planks vertically to give the illusion of more height, or horizontally to make the wall look wider. Go diagonal and create different shapes for an illusion of movement, or place wood planks to create a brick-like pattern.

Corners & Stairs

Credit: Pioneer Mill Works

Who says a decorative wall is the only way to make a room pop? The interesting shape of the stairs already makes it qualified to be an accent in living rooms and receiving areas. Placing a wooden wall panel on the stairs can help you keep the toned down look of your living room and draw all the attention to the staircase. One good tip: with complementing frames, turn it into a gallery!

Style and structure

Credit: Julie Greer Photography

Using reclaimed wood as a wall panel need not only be limited to the wall, especially if you are working on a tight budget. Using reclaimed wood to add visual interest and warmth in a room can also be applied to the beams of the room, or like a frame to an entry way. With this approach, there is a uniquely aesthetic and functional look, all while reducing wood wastage.

Rustic kitchen

Credit: Elmwood Reclaimed Timber

Reclaimed wood panels can be made to work for your kitchen in many ways, such as placing them along your shelves or using them them as countertops, for a more uniformed look. You can also veer away from the wall and make it the focal point by using a reclaimed wood table. Be wary where you place wood though: humid areas can also affect wood in the long run, so keep an eye if your panels are close to the sink or stove.

Bathroom bliss

Credit: GT Carpentry

Creating an accent wall, accompanied by good lighting, can do wonders for your bathroom, but consider the tone of the wood that you will use for the bathroom as dark hues can make the room darker. You can use treated reclaimed wood as a naturally inspiring vanity unit as well. Do not use wood paneling in your shower wall. 

Office cozy

Credit: Porter Barn Wood

Create a statement in your home office by using a wood accent wall as a backdrop for your desk or use it for a statement grabbing desk itself! Give serious rooms that needed warmth with the perfect tone of reclaimed wood. For office purposes, it is important not to overdo the wood, and a perfect balance of modern and cozy is the best mix.

Buying Guide

Budget: The use of reclaimed wood is an environmentally-friendly option for adding interest and character to walls. Because it is repurposed wood, it would reduce the need to harvest new trees for lumber. But with the number of processes that reclaimed wood goes through before it can be used functionally, it can be more expensive than virgin wood. So carefully consider your budget when planning to use reclaimed wood on your walls.

Tone: Reclaimed wood also has various tones due to ageing and several other factors. Check your planks out and use them as the overall theme of your room. Consider the overall tone of the room before choosing your colors, as darker tones can make a room look smaller while lighter tones can open up a space. 

Safety: When handled properly, reclaimed wood is generally safe. However, it can contain toxins and hidden dangers due to its age, so make sure you buy from reputable sellers. Additionally, use care when handling the wood and consult a professional if necessary. 

Assembly: Like all home renovation endeavours, while it is nice to go DIY, it is wise to seek the help of a professional during the assembly and the estimation of costs for these projects.


How do you decorate a reclaimed wood wall?

There are various DIY reclaimed wood wall ideas to choose from, such as whitewashing, geometric patterns, DIY pallet walls, and more. Consider the room you’re decorating, your budget, and the tone of the wood when deciding on which idea to pursue.

Where can I buy reclaimed wood?

You can buy reclaimed wood from reputable sellers both online and in stores. Make sure to check the wood for quality and research the seller before committing to a purchase.

Is reclaimed wood trendy?

Reclaimed wood has been a popular choice for home renovation projects in recent years, as it can give your space character and warmth. It is also an environmentally-friendly choice since it is repurposed wood. Reclaimed wood is here to stay! 

How to build a cheap wooden wall?

Building a cheap wooden wall can be done by using recycled or reclaimed wood, depending on the look you want. You can also opt for plywood or particle board as an alternative to solid wood, as these materials are cheaper and easier to work with. To lower costs further, consider using scrap pieces of lumber or purchasing second-hand materials from hardware stores.  Additionally, be sure to plan ahead before starting your project. Having a blueprint can help you quickly and easily construct the wall, as well as make sure that all materials fit properly.

Wrap Up

Reclaimed wood is an easy and cost-effective way to add interest and character to walls. With the right research and preparation, you can achieve a unique look with reclaimed wood panels that will stand out in any home or office. Just make sure to consider your budget, buy from reputable sellers, handle the wood with care, and seek professional help if necessary. Use these reclaimed wood wall ideas to bring your vision to life!